Why You Should Always Have Backup Phonak Domes

If you are someone who relies on Phonak domes for your hearing aids, you have a lot to gain simply from keeping an extra pack or two for later use. In case you needed to be reminded, here is your sign to stay well-supplied on your device components.

Get Replacements Fast
With either open, closed or power hearing aid domes, you have to replace them regularly. When that time comes around every one to three months or so, you want to be sure that you have your backup Phonak domes on hand so that you can replace them quickly. They are easy to store since they are so small, so it really is no trouble to buy some extra hearing aid domes and keep them around. When you do need to replace the ones you are using, it is much easier to simply reach into a drawer and pull out your backup domes than it is to rush to place a new order and put up with the old ones in the meantime. If you keep enough backups at any given time, you will be able to replace your domes quickly, exactly when you need to. No stress to it.

Just In Case
Of course, accidents happen, and sometimes things just do not go the way that you would normally expect. When these sorts of things do occur, it is much easier to manage if you were prepared with a backup supply of your necessary hearing aid components and tools. Just imagine if your domes were damaged in some way or came loose as you were cleaning them at night. You want to know that if anything happened, you will still be fine. That’s where a backup stash comes in handy. Right when you unexpectedly need some new Phonak domes, you realize that you still have an unopened pack waiting for you. It truly feels like a lifesaver at the moment. We usually can’t help it when things like this happen, but we can try our best to be prepared for when they do occur.

Helpful Reminder
Perhaps an unexpected benefit of keeping extra Phonak domes around is that they serve as a reminder to you to change your domes regularly as you are supposed to. This could happen without you even realizing it. The knowledge in the back of your mind that you have these extra domes tucked away in a drawer, reminds you that you have them there for a reason. They are the ones you will move onto next when your active ones need to be replaced. If you make the mistake of holding onto the domes you are currently using for too long, you will have to pay for it in the form of reduced audio quality. Older silicone domes will simply not produce the sound amplification that you want and will worsen your hearing. Keep some backup Phonak domes at least to remind yourself of what they are there for and what you need to do regularly.

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