Winter Is Coming – 5 Reasons To Go For Electric Furnace This Winter

As the crisp cold wind is making its way, the chilly winter season is just around the corner. This time of the year calls for buying a new furnace as the winter braces itself to make an impact.

You need to make your home cozy, warm and welcoming. A nice electric furnace will do justice to achieve that. If you search for furnace suppliers near me then you’ll get plenty of suggestions to set up a new electric furnace at your home. (Information source:

While there are other types of furnace systems available in the market, an electric one is the best option to go for. Wondering what makes an electric furnace a better choice than a gas or electric furnace?

Well, we are here for some valid reasons. Continue to read till the end to know the reasons why you need an electric furnace this winter.

1. Maximum Efficiency

Homeowners are always on the lookout for finding furniture pieces that can offer maximum efficiency. While many just assume that they might end up spending more to use an electric furnace, that cannot always be true.

If you maintain your furnace timely with proper techniques, then an electric furnace can provide you with great efficiency. For sure, the consumption of electricity will be a matter of concern when using an electrical furnace but if you compare the overall cost then it is a more viable and efficient option.

After all, you would have to spend energy running an oil or gas furnace. Whereas an electrical furnace will eliminate that cost as it runs on electricity.

2. Longer Lifespan

No matter which type of furnace you choose, you will have to invest a significant amount for its installation. But you can measure its quality based on the years that it will run and the amount you gave for installation and maintenance.

Well, compared to other furnace options, the electric furnace has a longer lifespan. An electric furnace offers a standard lifespan of at least 20 years. Whereas a gas furnace runs for 10-15 years on average.

Additionally, electric furnaces have fewer parts which have a tendency to wear out over time. This not only enables them to last longer but also reduces the repair and maintenance costs     .

3. Enhanced Safety

This one might be the highlighting reason why you need to opt for an electric furnace over a gas or oil furnace. As it runs on electricity, it offers you safer operation compared to others.

The gas or oil furnace has a potential risk of leakage that can jeopardize the safety of your home. Electric furnace does not burn any oil or gas which usually produces toxic carbon monoxide, so this eliminates the risk considerably.

Lastly, an electric furnace does not involve any fire for heating up your home and that completely prevents the risk of fire.

4. Easy On Pocket

If you compare a gas furnace model to an electric furnace, then you’ll notice that it significantly costs less. Installation cost of furnace is based on its size and no matter which size you choose electric furnace costs less.

For homeowners, it is always beneficial when you save some bucks and get maximum functionality out of it. An electric furnace is an easy on pocket option. If you have a set budget, then this is definitely an option to go for.

5. Easily Available Fuel Source

You don’t need to encounter a hassle to run an electric furnace. The fuel source for this type of furnace is electricity which is readily available everywhere.

On the contrary, gas or oil furnaces require fuel sources such as natural gas or gas services. Some places may not have those resources available readily.

So, what more are you waiting for? If you are assessing your options to choose a new furnace for your home this winter, then an electric furnace is the best one to go for. Contact the furnace suppliers near me to get hooked with the best quality electric furnace now.

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