Your Car Is Saying Something! Listen To It and Go For Car Service

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Based on the way your drive, model and make, your car needs servicing at particular intervals of use. Overlooking the maintenance schedule of your car is quite easy. People often do this out of negligence or due to their busy schedules. Whatever may be the cause, but, the consequence would be the same. Your car would deteriorate. Thus, you better visit a garage with your car for timely Car Service Port Talbot. If you neglect periodic car servicing, some issues that can emerge are:

  • Pricey repairing
  • Decreased vehicle life
  • Minimised resale value
  • Reduced fuel mileage
  • Fatal accidents caused by mechanical failure during driving
  • Build up of Oil sludge in the engine

Pay Attention to what your car is saying!

If you are confused regarding when you must take your car for servicing, you need to consult the owner’s manual provided with the vehicle or speak to an auto professional. As recommended, you need to maintain both your old and new car. You need to take them for repairing or servicing at least once a year or after coverage of every 12,000 miles.

You must not ignore the unusual sounds made b your car. You also need to focus on even the minor warning signs.

Warning Signs

Indications made by the vehicle when it needs servicing are:

  • Warning lights
  • Decreased braking capacity
  • The issue in engine ignition
  • Unusual noises
  • Leaning steering
  • Leakage
  • Power Loss while accelerating
  • Rattling while accelerating
  • Engine speed surging
  • Sluggish acceleration

The mechanic can efficiently resolve the issue if you or the mechanic can exactly read the symptoms and the source of the issue.

Servicing before trip

Servicing is mandatory before a trip especially to have a smooth road trip. These items must be checked beforehand:

The Lighting

For night driving, the headlights of a car are a light source. However, you will find many bulbs inside the cabin needing occasional replacement and inspection. It’s quite easy to replace the lights. The mechanics can replace the damaged lights before the trip.


For checking the tyre alignment and tyres, you will have to take the help of a mechanic. This will save you from the flat tyre disaster during the trip. The tyre check also involves:

  • Tyre Wearing– You must also check whether the tyre tread is in proper condition and if the wearing pattern is regular. If your tyres don’t have enough tread depth or don’t offer proper traction, you can’t rely on them.
  • Tyre Pressure– A huge range of issues including tyre blowout, early wearing, overheating and the bumpy ride can result from an under or over-inflated tyre. Thus, you must ensure that your tyres have been inflated to the recommended pressure level.
  • Tyre Misalignment- Misalignment can also be identified by a thorough tyre inspection. Misalignment affects both fuel efficiency and tyres adversely.


One of the major safety features of your car or any vehicle is the braking system. However, you may be at risk if you don’t service it periodically as it will get overheated. Hence, before jumping into the car, you must ensure that the brakes are in good condition. You are unaware of the conditions that you might face on your trip. Thus, keeps the brakes efficient.

Car Fluids

All the fluids including antifreeze, brake fluid, oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid must be checked. When it is time for an oil change, you must also get the mileage, date and oil level checked.


You need to ensure your engine is running efficiently and smoothly. You must not ignore the grinding, clanks, annoying noises, rumbling sounds made by your engine. Your engine will consume more fuel if it is not working efficiently. Neglecting an issue in the engine will damage the engine completely later.


Thus, you must not ignore the warning signs given by your car and focus on even the minor signs of damage. If you listen to your car and opt for periodic Car Service Port Talbot, it will serve you better for a long span. You also need to visit a garage having an honest and experienced professional. This will give you mental peace as you know your car is in safe hands.

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