How to Choose the Right Overhead Crane. Single or Double Girder?

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We sometimes have the common rumour that double-girder cranes as the name suggests have more durability as compared to single-girder cranes. But this is not the truth in every case, rather both have the same quality and durability. Even single-girder has more benefits than double-girder cranes.

About the Benefits of Single-Girder Cranes:

The single girder is lighter and more compact with some preferrable considerations even with limited floor and headroom space. Even in many situations, you need to lift the items and move these closed walls. In such cases also this type of cranes has a better working phenomenon.

Having one girder is bliss when you are putting minimum deadweight on building foundations with the best possible cost-effective approach. Constructions and projects are easily supervised by this crane as well. Apart from this, you do not need to invest more steel in Crane Girder Manufacturing in Saudi Arabia. Hence, you can easily understand it as an inexpensive moving & lifting solution for various industries & applications.

Understating of Lifting Needs in Certain Applications:

The single girder is always not the best possible option. For higher loading and lifting applications, a double girder is the one we look for. It is better to observe the lifting tasks where we plan for crane operation with the best equipment present on the site.

According to the reports, the CXT wire works best within the capacity of 80 tonnes. Adaptability and flexibility are the main keys of CXT wires. You will get it in the market from basic form to advanced high-tech lifting.

Single girder has some limitations as it is available with normal headroom or lower headroom trolleys starting from 12.5 tonnes to 40 tonnes whereas you will get 80 tonnes facility in double girder CXT wires.

Here you will get improved safety with durable ropes, highly efficient brakes, remote operation, and durable ropes. The speed range must be adaptive as per the load change. This crane will have enhanced control with the speed change, improved productivity, and superior energy-saving phenomenon.

How to Pick Double Girder Cranes?

Let us discuss the definition of installation of Gantry Crane Installation Services. This crane has two and more overhead runways over the support structure.

End trucks are there at girder ends with the movement of hoists in the length of these passing runways. The hoist and trolley run most in the top portion of the girder.

Here, you should know about the common advantages of using a double girder over the single one.

• Here you will get better hook height. You may increase it up to 36 inches for comfortable working capability.

• There is no limitation for maximum span.

• There is no limitation as far as lifting capacity is concerned.

• It is ideal to work with maintenance platforms, service walkways, cabs, lights, and other tools.

1. Weight Capacity: It is the basic consideration in the checklist of double girder cranes. It is already designed for heavy loading starting from 20 tonnes and more. If you are about to pass less load, you should only use the single girder.

2. Span: Next consideration is the working span. Crane with 60′ span is meaningful for monobox design or girder cranes. This is only for double girders with significant splicing of crane weight.

3. Classification: All the classifications are found as per the cycles and loads of cranes. It governs loading intensity and complete operating time.

The classes are as follows:

• Class A: It is for superior handling at slow speeds. S

• Class B: It is a light service with 2 to 5 lifts in an hour.

• Class C: It is a moderate operation with a 50% rated capacity.

• Class D: It is a heavy service with 65% capacity along with 10-20 lifts in the hour.

• Class E: It is more than 20 lifts service within an hour.

• Class F: It is a continuous and frequently applied service. Here, you handle the heavy load with continuous operation and severe environmental considerations as well.

Make sure that your crane has proper classification before proceeding with any operation.

4. Hook Height: The hook height must be on the top of the runway beam for top running. For under-running, the scenario is the opposite.

Apart from this, also consider the smaller hook in double girder cranes. These small mistakes may create an impact on your operation. Be sincere about the installation with superb materials with runways and beams.

Try to find some more info from the internet.

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