Global Telemedicine Market Size Forecast 2019-2030: Facts, Trends, & Futuristic Growth

Amidst COVID-19, the adoption of technological advancement in healthcare has dramatically changed. Across the globe, the aid to reduce healthcare costs have boosted the growth of virtual health apps. The telemedicine sector is one of the renowned digital developments that has eased the accessibility of healthcare services in a great way. To better understand the online health sector, let’s look at futuristic trends, facts, and growth.

The changing lifestyle, mundane work days, and the constant hustle of living an independently free life have adversely affected our bodies. But, with the pandemic, we eventually focused on our health. 

Accessibility of health services has won hearts with the help of telehealth, telemedicine, and other healthcare apps. The consumer-facing approach of these tech advancements has changed the way of storing healthcare documents, information, doctor recommendation, doctor meet, etc. With these telehealth apps, there is significant growth in patient health tracking and timely assessment of a doctor. 

In a recent forecast by Statista, the global telemedicine market size is to reach, valued at nearly 460 billion U.S. dollars by 2030. Such an increase is projected because of three major factors:-

  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM): Remotely monitoring patients’ medical and other health data and electronically transmitting such data to healthcare professionals for evaluation without any clinical setup is termed RPA. After the pandemic, people avoid visiting hospitals; in an alarming situation, one pushes to the health organization. 
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials: To ease the participation of patients by reducing their travel is made possible by decentralizing clinical trials through wearable digital health devices, patient apps, and smartphones that help communicate with patients. The technique uses technological advancements like telemedicine, telehealth, mobile healthcare providers, or patients’ physicians to interact with study participants.  
  • Telemedicine apps: People have grooved into the online health consultation world after the pandemic. Now, there are advanced AI chatbots that help them instantly ask their queries to the experts. It has become popular with the growing usage of mobile apps.

5 Key Trends Driving the Future of Telemedicine

  • Increased patient utilization

The sudden technological upgrade has brought health professionals and patients in sync. A minor fluctuation in the health report is also updated in every digital copy on any platform. Such accessibility of doctors and databases is praised by millennials worldwide. Healthcare professionals can attend to more patients systematically. And the patients, too, are well-informed on a timely basis without any hustle.

  • Increase in chronic diseases

Approximately 1 in every 3 individuals has some or the other chronic disease like cancer, lung diseases, diabetes, and other stroke effects. Because of the changing lifestyle, these diseases have outbroken every human. So, to fight these on a timely basis, you need an immediate health service.

Telehealth apps have bridged the gap and better managed doctor-patient consultations. With the rise in diseases, there is an equal rise in the necessity of online healthcare services. Eliminating the need for extensive delays in waiting areas and the expense of frequent trips to the doctor’s office are the two major reasons for the tech acceleration. More regular interactions between patients and doctors may also make it possible to detect minor issues before they become more serious or cause difficulties.

  • Improved user experience

Additionally, as the demand for telehealth increases, more businesses are expanding and entering the market to stay ahead of the competition.

Nobody wants to switch between numerous applications and websites; patients want their telehealth experience seamless and integrated. To support real-time updates, reminders, and follow-up appointments, developers are examining ways to ensure full service using integrated communications, including video, webchat, and bots. It needs to be streamlined for user-friendliness so that patients can quickly access and manage their information. 

  • Wearable technology integration

Wearable technology is providing some groundbreaking health services. Right from noting every single heartbeat to counting daily steps, a wearable integration does it all. With all this new information about a patient’s daily day, professionals are better equipped to diagnose and counsel their patients. If these devices are integrated with a secure telemedicine platform and electronic health records, care team members can step in at the first hint of a problem. So long as patients have confidence in the security and privacy precautions, wearable technology will probably become more prevalent. Data generated by these devices are easily shared with healthcare practitioners. The platforms and technology must also be simple to use so that patients and doctors can easily incorporate them into their daily lives.

  • Technological investment

Tracing apps, wellness trackers, telehealth, and other uncountable technologies strongly guard the online healthcare industry. Such applications play an immersive move toward a more patient-centric, responsive treatment where people choose and relieve the burden on the medical staff.

The epidemic brought to light the labor crisis that has existed for some time and the lack of healthcare personnel. Investments in telehealth-supportive technologies will ease the staff’s workload and may even enable them to provide better treatment.

On a Concluding Note!

Telemedicine is here to stay! The new wave of technology has taken health apps to a new height. The world might see an increase in a healthy health ratio through the constant practice of using such applications on a timely basis. The telemedicine app development genre will continue to help people fight their diseases by bridging a gap between them and professionals. A bright future awaits you with an online healthcare opportunity to invest. Dive into the health and wellness online world with a proper technological stack and team of experts for future updates. 

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