How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost in Canada?

Family Lawyer Cost in Canada

Hiring Regina family lawyers can be a scary job for many people. Nobody thinks about getting a lawyer. And everyone always has a negative idea about lawyer costs from the beginning.

But how does a family lawyer cost in Canada? If you are wondering about this, we have got you covered. There are certain things you need to understand. Most items are transparent and give a clear idea.

Here is a complete breakdown of legal costs in Canada.

Facts to Consider about Family Lawyer Costs in Canada

Before we talk about family lawyer costs, you need to understand some key points. Here are 3 things common for every family lawyer in Canada.

They will charge you by hour

Lawyers usually charge for the time they provide you with. Like most professionals, they charge by the hour. The total time the lawyers spend on your case will come at the final bill. Other things like consultation, court times, research, etc., are also billable.

Uncontested divorce costs

An uncontested divorce is a blessing in disguise. There are very few court proceedings and legal battles – both you and your spouse agree on the divorce terms. As a result, you will be able to know the final cost of hiring a family lawyer. Lawyers charge a fixed price for this type of divorce.

This cost includes:

  • Divorce document serving
  • Filling court fees
  • Getting the federal government clearance certificate
  • Court form costs
  • Family lawyer salaries

Waiting till the end for the final costs

As mentioned already, most lawyers bill hourly. As a result, you will have to wait till the end to get the final bill. This can be troublesome as you might not know what to expect. But it will also help you to be prepared.

How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost in Canada: the Determinants

A family lawyer deals with many legal variables. You never know how long it can take for the case to complete. At any point, there might arise new information. And this can make lawyers work with unknown variables.

But some determinants can help you figure out the total cost. The impact the final cost of the lawyer. Here are 5 determinants to find out family lawyer costs.

Court time

Court time matters a lot in the final bill of the lawyer. The waiting time, the case complexity, presentation, and hearings are all parts of court time. Your lawyer will charge you for every minute and hour s/he spends at the court.

The case type

Complex cases will always take a lot of time to complete. And the more time it takes, the higher your lawyer bills will be. The lawyer will spend more time on your case. As a result, you will incur more expenses for the lawyer services.

Case combativeness and complexity

If you and your spouse do not agree on the divorce or custody terms, no lawyer can speed the process. There will be a lot of complexities surrounding the case. And they are not in control of the lawyer. Thus, the overall cost might keep on rising.

Document disclosure

Providing relevant documentation as soon as possible is a great way you can speed up the procedure. Do not let your lawyer spend too much time gathering the documents. Or else, the lawyer will charge you a high amount of money. And eventually, the bill will keep rising up.

Number of phone calls

You have a right to understand the overall legal procedures completely. If you have any concerns, you can certainly address them with your lawyer. But you should not just call your lawyer for every issue or confusion.

For instance, calling your lawyer for a non-legal issue wastes both money and time. Keep your phone calls to a bare minimum to reduce the final bill.


So, how much does a family lawyer cost in Canada? Well, it depends on quite a few things. But most importantly, almost every lawyer will charge you hourly for their services.

When you are choosing a lawyer, you will not have the time to bargain. As a result, you will need to keep the determinants in mind. Judging by the court time, case complexity, documentation, and other things, you can estimate a total cost.

Also, skilled and experienced lawyers will always charge you more. But you will also get better service. Even if it costs you more, the experience will bring you better results in the long run.


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