Know The Causes And Prevention Of Breakdowns In Truck

One of the things that every trucker must deal with at least once is a breakdown.  You could feel less stressed if you work as a company driver for a supportive and empathetic staff in these circumstances.  While it is hard to forecast all malfunctions, drivers can avoid some with forethought.

Common Causes Of Truck Breakdowns

1. Tire Breakdown

Tires are crucial components of the truck. They provide the only direct contact point between the truck and the ground. Tyre issues account for more than half of all roadside problems, making them the most common incident that might result in a truck breakdown. There are many reasons why there could be issues. But the following are a few of the more typical ones: 

  • A flat or blowout
  • Underinflation
  • Low tread depth
  • Misaligned axles

Ineffective approaches to the mentioned problems could have serious consequences. Therefore, every truck driver should include a tyre inspection on their pre-trip checklist.

2. Brake Issues

Driving and road safety depends on the brakes. The mechanical parts of your truck may be put under a lot of pressure when pulling heavy loads. Additionally, halting and slowing down will quickly degrade the braking system. It’s important to understand that truck brakes degrade far more quickly than Mini Truck brakes. The heavy-duty truck’s frequent exposure to pressure and friction is the cause. Brake-related issues are as common as they are frightening. These accidents have the highest likelihood of endangering other moving vehicles. The following are typical factors in brake-related truck breakdowns:

  • General wear and tear
  • Corrosion
  • Air leaks
  • Overheated brakes
  • Water contamination 

For this reason, brakes require regular and proper maintenance.

3. Fuel System 

 You may avoid this by checking your tank frequently. Unfortunately, everyone makes mistakes from time to time or forgets to refuel before it’s too late. Other common issues include contaminated fuel, a clogged fuel filter or a broken pump. The indicator of a failed pump is uneven acceleration and sudden tugging at high speeds. Sometimes running out due to faulty gauges causes truck breakdowns.

4. Electric control system 

The alternator, starter motor, and battery are the three essential components of the electrical system. You could become stuck on the road if one of these components breaks down. You can only start your truck with a functioning starter motor or battery. Additionally, a malfunctioning alternator may quickly drain your battery, leaving you trapped. If any of the physical signs appear, your truck’s electrical system may be malfunctioning:

  • Unsteady cab lights
  • Faulty battery
  • Unusual smells (strong sulphur smell)
  • Grinding noise under the hood, click-clack sounds
  • Battery corrosion
  • Failing gauges or metres
  1. Truck’s Age

If properly maintained and cared for, mini trucks may usually travel about 150,000 miles in their lifetime. Therefore, these trucks last between 10 and 15 years. Naturally, a truck’s age can significantly impact how well it performs. However, normal wear and tear brought on by the sheer number of kilometres a truck travels might also cause an unanticipated failure. The following are typical signs of an old diesel engine in a truck:

  • Less fuel efficiency than previously.
  • Leaks of water or oil.
  • A limitation on acceleration.

Older trucks need extra maintenance, especially if you don’t know the truck’s maintenance or repair history. To prevent unnecessary hiccups while driving, always do service regularly.

Tips To Prevent Your Truck From Breakdown

  1. Tire Pressure 

Before embarking on a journey, the tyre should be examined and on the inspection checklist. When checking, keep an eye out for problems like misaligned axles, low tread depth, and underinflated tyres. Regular inspections are crucial because tyre failure can cost a truck driver hours in productivity loss.

  • Cracks
  • too much tire wear
  • Sidewall disconnection
  • Loud air leaks

The tires may have worn out over time and be durable. Any tyres that do not meet standards should be replaced to prevent potential tyre issues.

  1. Frequent checks on the electric system.

Trucks use a lot of energy. As was already said, an inefficient electrical system kills performance and might damage other truck parts. When it occurs, expensive repairs are demanded.

  • Battery

Ensure that the battery is in good condition, has the capacity the manufacturer recommends and is always charged fully. In addition to leaving you stuck in the dark, defective batteries can harm essential engine components.

  • Cables and Wires: 

Things like shorts, broken lights, and potentially significant system failures can occur. Therefore, maintaining corrosion-free, securely linked battery cables and wiring connections is wise.

  1. Brake Inspection

Drivers may maintain the effectiveness of their brakes by sticking to a good inspection and maintenance routine. Plan regular brake inspections and maintenance for your truck to avoid unexpected mishaps or failures.

  1. Maintain proper oil and engine coolant

Slacking off on keeping the oil and coolant systems properly maintained is the fastest way to blow your truck’s engine. Every 10,000 miles, there should be a significant oil change. Furthermore, it is crucial to examine the coolant, which can be done by collecting a sample and checking it for particles, colour, and clarity. Test strips that cost little or nothing can show the levels of additives and antifreeze. Finally, keep the truck’s maintenance papers handy to track when fluids were last inspected and serviced.


Even a used truck that has been well-maintained will ultimately break down. An owner-operator will then decide between replacing or upgrading and preventive maintenance. When an old truck’s maintenance and operating costs are more than those of a new truck, you should always consider making a new buy.

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