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If you are a children’s book author and you wish to get your book published. Then you are at the right place. In order to get your book published, Pegasus is one of the famous pre primary books publishers in India. Pegasus has come up with some of the renowned authors and have proved to be the best selling books. Pegasus has products that are ideal for kids aged 0-12 years. Their wide range of collections include colouring books for kids, activity books for kids, workbooks, story books and picture books, early learning books and puzzles.

Some of the books that are published by Pegasus of the famous authors are:

  • Jayne Schofield

Padded Early Years Board Book by Jayne Scofield is a treat for toddlers as recognising shapes and colours, counting numbers, knowing about animals or getting to learn new words have never been this much fun. Coloured and cute pictures, simple and easy language. The books of the series cover preschool topics to help children get ready for school. The author has described each subject in a very engaging and charming way. These non tearable books last longer as the kids can’t easily tear them.

  • Angelika Scudamore

Things That Move and Animals are the two series by Angelika Scudamore. These series of books are ideal for kids aged 2+ years. The author has focussed on the die cut shaped books which is sure to grab little one’s attention. The two series focus on enhancing the vocabulary of the toddlers. These books are ideal for preschoolers. The thick board throughout the books makes them long lasting and durable.

  • Manmeet Narang

Amazing World of Animals, The Globetrotters and Benny & Buzo, these 3 series are by Manmeet Narang.

Amazing World of Animals is a series of 16 books that focuses on animals. There are short tales that revolve around the animal kingdom. The titles in the series are very fascinating that little one’s would love to read.

Globetrotters is a series of 8 books focusing on different countries. Each country has its own dedicated book that is loaded with thousands of amazing facts. The books are perfect for keeping explorers aged 8 years and up entertained.

Benny & Buzo is a series that focuses on teaching the kids some of the good habits like magic of cleanliness, magic of brushing teeth, magic of politeness, magic of sharing and more. These books are ideal for kids aged 3+ years.

  • Stephen Barnett

There are two series by Stephen Barnett: World Around Us  and Moral Stories.

World Around Us is a series of 16 books ideal for kids 3+ years of age. This series focuses on the topics from our surroundings which in turn help little ones to relate more with the books.

Moral Stories teach little one’s the important life lessons. The books are good for kids aged 3+ years. The kids get to learn about manners, making friends, clean and tidy, count your blessings. Learn from your mistakes and more in the collection. The books have short stories that little ones could begin reading themselves or the parents could read the stories to them.

  • Anuradha Mothali

Life Issues by Anuradha Mothali consists of 8 books. The series focuses on creating awareness through stories about sensitive yet important life issues that children may face in their growing-up years. Stories in the series do take place in fictitious setups but the lessons taught through them will help young readers understand how to act when confronted with certain issues. The stories included in the series are: Bullying, Prejudices, Insult, Good touch, Bad Touch, Respecting others, Violence,Teasing, Making Choices

It is really important that parents lay a strong foundation for their kids. The learning journey should begin with the books of famous authors both nationally and internationally. Pegasus focuses on the same and has some really amazing books. One could buy these books either from the website or they may buy it from the stores that are located in Delhi/NCR.

Reading should begin right from an early age. As this benefits the kids in the long run.The ultimate goal of every parent should be to make the reading session enjoyable and fun for the kids. If the kids find that engaging, then only they will read and become fluent readers in future. So, try picking up books that may first grab your little one’s attention and develop basic skills in them.

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