When is the Right Time to Fix or Replace Your Split Aircon?

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Air conditioners have become an essential element of our homes, particularly in hot and humid climates and dirty cities. ACs are most typically utilise during the summer, and you want your air conditioner to be in great operating order so that it doesn’t break down or fail when you need it the most.

Each air conditioner, whether split or window, is subject to malfunctions and issues if not maintained regularly. Today, we will discuss the most frequent split air conditioner issues and their remedies before you look for an aircon replacement.

The most common Split AC issues & solutions:

Most of the most frequent split AC issues may be avoided by giving your split air conditioner the right attention.

Not enough cooling:

Split air conditioners are quite effective in cooling down a room to the desired temperature quickly. However, if your split air conditioner isn’t cooling as quickly as it once did after being left on for hours, then it undoubtedly has some problems. Your air conditioner’s sluggish or ineffective cooling might be caused by a clogged condensate drain, ice buildup on the evaporator coils, or a filthy air filter.

The purpose of air filters is to shield the AC from dust, dirt, and hair. They can become blocked and impair the AC’s ability to cool if they are not clean periodically (once every six months). An air filter should be remove from the split air conditioner and clean with a low-power vacuum cleaner or under warm running water.

Ice building up around the evaporator coils is another potential cause of the lack of cooling.

Make sure you regularly clean the air filters to address this problem. For the majority of individuals, the issue should go away; but, if it persists, we advise contacting a qualified service technician to address the problem.

Gas leakage or low refrigerant levels:

Is your home feeling warmer than it should despite having the AC on? Or does it take a long time for the indoor temperatures to come down? When you change your air filters recently and set your thermostat correctly, the AC may be running low on refrigerant. A small decrease in refrigerant levels can significantly reduce your AC’s efficiency, as it will need to work harder to keep your home cool.

Low refrigerant levels may be the cause of your air conditioner’s failure to adequately chill your space. Refrigerant is a liquid or gaseous substance that, when paired with the compressor and evaporator of an air conditioner, produces cooling by absorbing heat from the surrounding air. The performance of your split air conditioner may not be as good as it may be if the refrigerant was not charge to the proper level or if there is a gas leak.

This issue is particularly prevalent in locations with significant air pollution and humidity, such as those near sewage or coastal regions. You must look for any potential leaks in the split AC’s indoor unit, outdoor unit, and the connection between them to fix this issue. 

You should ensure cheap aircon gas top up to ideal levels as instructed in the AC’s instructions after blocking any potential leaks. To resolve this problem, we advise consulting a professional because completing those procedures is not simple.

Defective compressor:

One of the primary components of the split air conditioner is the compressor, which is located in the outside unit. It manages the gas flow between the condenser and the evaporator. When the compressor isn’t working correctly, the AC won’t run as efficiently or, occasionally, won’t run at all. A burnt wire, a faulty start capacitor, or the compressor itself might all be to blame.

You must clean the condenser coil, examine the capacitor, clean the outdoor unit’s fan, and replace the compressor to fix a broken compressor in your split air conditioner. Since it is the most expensive part of any AC, you should get it service frequently to keep it from breaking down. If the compressor in your brand-new air conditioner is prove to be defective, you are entitle to a free replacement or repair under the terms of the usual brand guarantee.

AC continuously turns on and off:

You might be experiencing short cycling if your air conditioner constantly turns on and off. The term “short cycling” refers to when a central air conditioner shuts off every 15 minutes or even after a short time after turning it back on.

It is advise to turn off your split air conditioner until you have it serviced if it repeatedly turns on and off by itself. The evaporator and condenser of the split air conditioner are probably filthy or obstructed. Airflow is imped by a clogge air filter, which leads to other issues like a freeze evaporator coil. For improve cooling and effective operation, the air filter has to be clean or replace.


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