Know About Essential Wedding Adornments For Every Marathi Bride

Know About Essential Wedding Adornments For Every Marathi Bride

Aside from rituals and customs, bride attire, jewellery, and other lovely wedding aspects distinguish and distinguish Indian weddings. And when it comes to wedding necessities, there are a few things that Marathi brides must have. Several factors distinguish a Marathi bride for marriage, ranging from cultural and exquisite Paithani sarees to Nath.

She is a stunning Maharashtrian bride, adorned in a beautiful yellow saree with a golden border, her hair wrapped in a bun and decked with pearl jewels and Gajra. Unlike in other Indian cultures, where brides typically wear red, this Paithani saree comes in extremely traditional colours such as golden yellow, leaf green, or aubergine.

Aside from the gorgeous sunny yellow saree, what distinguishes her are the traditional accessories she wears. Maharashtrians prefer to combine pearl and gold jewellery during Marathi weddings, which has numerous links in Marathi literature and poetry.

If you are among Marathi girls for marriage, we have created a list of components just for you. All you have to do is check off each item on this list when you finalise your wedding attire. It is thus because each of these nine aspects is important, and you cannot imagine a bridal appearance without them. So, what are you holding out for? Make a list of everything in your wedding planner!

These are the conventional Maharashtrian bride’s embellishments:

This is a versatile ornament that can be worn by both the bride and groom. It is essentially a string (or two) of pearls tied lengthwise across the eyebrow from the forehead. Two more pearl lines fall from either side of the brow to the shoulders, softly outlining the face. Only after the bride prepares to walk to the mandap, The Mundavalya wrapped this simply means she is prepared to be married.

Tanmani is another essential item of jewellery for Marathi girls. It’s a choker comprised of white and multicoloured pearls. This bridal accessory completes the design and has silk strings linked to it, allowing the bride to modify the choker’s placement. The choker is designed with the bridal saree, jewellery, and other details in mind. Brides of the Marathi Matrimony also choose rubies, emeralds, and other gemstones for their chokers. It draws attention to the neckline by providing more complexity to the blouse.

Green Chuda 
While several items require completing a Marathi bride, the Green Chuda is at the top of the list. The Marathi bride typically wears green wedding bangles on their wedding day. For the wedding, these green bangles represent abundance and new possibilities. Women wear red bangles at other Hindu weddings, but in Maharashtrian wedding ceremonies, the bride adorns green bangles in both hands.

The bangles place in odd numbers and matched with Gold Kadas, which are gifts from the groom’s family to the bride. However, after marriage, many brides use this Chuda regularly, while others exclusively on special occasions.

Kolhapuri Saaz 
This ornament originates from the Maharashtra city of Kolhapur, as the name says. This necklace represents the woman’s matrimonial status and was given to her by the groom’s family. A Kolhapuri Saaz is as essential as a Mangalsutra in many Maharashtrian cultures, and several women in remote Maharashtra still wear it every day. It is made up of gold beads (Jav mani), gold components like leaves and petals, and a spherical pendant with a ruby stone in the middle that is weaved in gold wire.

Customarily, this necklace has 21 unique design elements, 10 among which are representations of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations, 8 of which are favourable patterns or ashtamangal, and two of which are rubies and emeralds. The final item is the taviz, which protects from evil.

The Nath, like the Mundavalya and the Tanmani, distinguishes a Maharashtrian bride from the rest. This traditional nosepiece makes of pearls braided in a Paisley pattern and features a white stone in the centrepiece. For this white stone, the more affluent family says to have a diamond. A red stone or a red-colour pearl uses in traditional design.

A Nath can be of many styles depending on where the bride is from in Maharashtra. The most popular design is a Brahmani Nath, which adorn with Basra Moti and emeralds. The Nath, much like Patlya and Tode, represents the family’s financial situation.

Vaaki is a wedding wristband or bracelet that Marathi brides wear on their arms on their wedding day. It comprises gold and one stone. The designs and appearance of Vaaki determine by the bride’s dress.
Some brides like gold Vaaki, while many prefer diamond studded Vaaki. Numerous modern brides prefer wearing the Vaaki in one arm, and still, look stunning.

Paithani Saree 
No Marathi bride-to-be considers herself a bride until she wears the customary Paithani saree on her wedding day. The handmade silk saree is colourful and complements the bride’s wedding attire. It comes in a variety of colours, with traditional brides typically opting for green and red combinations. The saree includes elaborate Zari embroidery on the hems, giving it a royal appearance. However, many brides nowadays choose Lehengas for their Marathi Marriage.

Ambada, a spherical bun embellished with jewellery and mogra flowers, is a bridal hairstyle used by brides during their marriage ceremony. The bride wears the bridal bun at her marriage ceremony, and many Marathi brides also wear floral jewellery to accentuate their buns. The bun is a little heavy on the head, but it adds to the bridal image.

Moon-shaped Bindi 
A traditional Nauvari Paithani saree paired with patent jewellery is a yes, but the Moon bindi truly fulfils the gorgeous look of Marathi girls. Yes, Marathi brides do wear a half-moon-shaped bindi with their wedding gowns, which gives a lovely accent to their bridal look. Although not all brides nowadays wear the moon bindi, those who do look gorgeous and luminous, do.

So, Marathi girls for weddings, keep these wedding requirements in mind while you arrange your wedding. Every one of them not only enhances your appearance but also ensures that you differentiate yourself from others. And, if you are soon to be a Marathi bride or have just wedded in a Maharashtrian-style wedding, please let us know which of these components you like and why.

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