Painting for Beginners – Acrylics and Watercolors

Painting for Beginners

Painting is a fascinating hobby for all groups. This will be the easiest guide beginners who wish to start using acrylics and watercolors. Among children it promotes development and among adults it reduces stress and there are multiple other benefits that tag along. Its an activity that has no age limit and also can be done as a family. Very often people get stuck at the thought of how to start painting, the basic essentials that will be needed and where to get them. “Painting is expensive” is a myth. Affordable art supplies are now available which are very budget friendly and easily available. Canvazo is my favorite online store that has helped me a lot to pick up painting and provides good recommendations for products that match my budget and use.

Acrylics and Watercolors are the best medium to choose if you are a beginner. Acrylic Paints are very versatile as they can be used on multiple surfaces and dry faster. On the other hand watercolors can be used only on papers.

Acrylic Painting

In India, acrylic colors of various brands are available including basics like Camel and Fevicryl along with more premium brands like Liquitex and Winsor & Newton. Along with a set of paints, you will also need a set of brushes, a palette and a surface medium to paint on which is either a canvas or paper. Before you start painting make sure you have waste cloth and a bowl of water handy. There are various tutorials available online for painting for beginners that will guide you based on what you want to paint. You can paint animals, beautiful sceneries, flowers, human figures or abstracts. For pocket friendly starts you may choose the following items to start with acrylic painting –

  1. Camel Acrylic Set or Fevicryl Acrylic Set
  2. Canvazo Palette
  3. Anupam Acrylic Paper 400GSM
  4. Fevicryl Brush Set


Once the painting is done let it dry out. Acrylics dry out fast so that will make things easy. You can use a varnish on the painting to preserve them from dust, UV and yellowing. There are other mediums available which will be used for various purposes that you can use once you have mastered the basics.


For people who don’t mind spending more, you may choose the following (These are some of my personal favorites)-

  1. Liquitex Acrylic Set
  2. Mijello Peel-Off Palette
  3. Anupam Canvas Emboss Paper

You can find above products easily on the Canvazo store.

Watercolor Painting

Watercolors painting is another simpler form of painting. In India, it is introduced among students at a very young age in school. However to master the art of watercolor painting requires patience and skill. The medium for painting here will be water so this cannot be done on multiple surfaces and is usually done on paper. Watercolor painting for beginners usually start with brands like Camel and then progress to more premium brands like Mijello Mission Gold, White Nights and Daniel Smith. Here also you will need a watercolor paint set, watercolor paper, brushes and a palette. For budget friendly starts pick the following-

  1.  Camel Watercolor Cake set
  2. Camlin Brush Set
  3. Canvazo Palette
  4. Anupam Watercolor Paper 200GSM

When you start painting, try it on a smaller size before you start on bigger sizes. Details are important, so take your time but sure to add details. For watercolor painting also you will find numerous free tutorials available online.

Some premium products to choose for starters are-

  1. White Nights Watercolor Set
  2. Mijello Fusion 18 Watercolor Palette
  3. Anupam 100% Cotton Rough Watercolor Paper

I have realized, its easier to find all products on Canvazo. its currently the most affordable art supplies store online.

It usually takes time to work and improve on your skills. We have seen an increasing trend among retirees who are taking up painting. Some of them are even displaying their work at exhibitions and has become an additional source of income. Just for the readers to know, many famous artists in India were working full time office jobs prior to the pandemic and painting was just a hobby. Now they have become full time painters and brand ambassadors of famous watercolor brands.

One thing I found very helpful is if you need any help regarding any product for acrylic painting, watercolor painting, oil painting, brushes, palettes or any other art supplies you can always reach out to the chat section at Canvazo. They will guide you with good product recommendation based on your budget and use.

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