Significance of Communication Skills in Your Child’s Life

Communication Skills

Communication is the transfer of meaningful information, emotions, thoughts, and ideas from one person (sender) to another (receiver). Communication helps reach an understanding and perceive meanings with other human beings, so the sender and receiver must have a common speech development and understanding of the language. This would ensure effective communication and reduce the chances of miscommunication and barriers to communication.

Principles of Communication

To ensure effective communication, increase efficiency, and reduce human relation problems, individuals and organizations should follow the following principles:

Adequacy and Consistency

The sender or communicator must ensure that the delivered information is complete and adequate to avoid delays in action, confusion, or adverse changes in corporate interests. The information must also be consistent with the aim of the communication and the individual’s or organization’s plans, procedures, and policies.


Communication should be in a clear and easy language to grasp so that the receiver understands and interprets the message correctly without developing any misunderstandings.


The communication system must be efficient and timely to avoid the addition of any extra costs, which would help achieve economy in the communication system.


To achieve their corporate adjectives, organizations should integrate their organization’s human resources efforts. The coordination of activities of their employees would help them achieve their corporate goals collectively.


If feedback is not taken from the receiver regarding the delivered message, the entire purpose of communication becomes futile. Feedback is important whether the communication takes place orally or in written form. The difference is that you receive feedback immediately for oral communication, whereas for written forms of communication, feedback might require some time. The receiver must provide feedback after the receipt of the message and must inform the sender about their understanding of the message to avoid any misconceptions.


The sender of the message must ensure that the message grabs the audience’s attention towards the message he is conveying, and the audience takes action in the correct direction.

Communication Network

A communication network is a route through which the message travels from the sender to the receiver. An adequate network is extremely important for managerial effectiveness in an organization.

Importance of Communication Skills:

Human Communication is an important aspect of one’s life and is one of the necessities for institutional and personal development. Communication is the exchange of thoughts, ideas, information, or messages through various mediums by actions, writing, or speech that allows people to influence someone’s thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and behaviors.

Communication in the Workplace

The importance of communication can be judged from the fact that lack of communication hampers an organization’s efficiency, and all parts of the organization would suffer collectively. Thorough and accurate communication ensures organizations work efficiently and effectively, resulting in higher turnover rates.

Efficient communication is an important managerial skill that lays the basis of strong leadership. Communication links the company’s management to the employees and external and internal customers. Effective communication help managers perform their managerial tasks of organizing, planning, directing, staffing, and controlling the required way, which take up almost 70-90% of their time. Communication also helps managers form and maintain interpersonal relationships with their fellow employees and improve their crisis management skills.

Communication also helps employees increase their productivity by discussing their ideas, thoughts, information, and concerns with the upper management to reduce misunderstandings and communication gaps. It is the primary way to receive and exchange information for employees to complete their tasks constructively. It all represents power in an organization, and employees who have the relevant information become the center of power. Without effective communication, neither can the manager lead, succeed, negotiate, and handle conflicts, nor can the employees work productivity and become satisfied.

Communication in the Society

Effective communication plays a vital role in the society we live in to achieve the goal of society through the transmission of information. Communication is equally important for all individuals since all individuals are kept equal. To ensure the working process is smooth, the market’s leader must communicate clear, accurate, and necessary information to receive the desired output. The receivers of information are the general public, so they must have the right mind and motivation to work as a society to accomplish their goals. Communication also helps in the formation of new policies and effective industrial relations.

Importance to Personal Life

Effective communication is essential for a child’s development and relationships. This also helps build a child’s self-esteem and builds the basis required for future success. Building communication skills at an early age is easier. Hence, teachers recommend online classes for kids to parents looking for speech development and the development of communication skills for their kids.

Conveying our message clearly requires us to have clarity of thought regarding the relevant information. Doing so would reduce the frequency of confusion, misinterpretation, and misleading ideas. The receiver must make the message clear, accurate, and easy to understand. Feedback from the receiver regarding their understanding of the message is also imperative. Exceptional ideas paired with ineffective communication make the communication process useless. For example, an employee would not know how to perform the task if not communicated properly, or a child would not know their parents’ expectations unless communicated properly. Effective communication reduces the number of conflicts within a relationship and results in effective responsiveness of individuals.

Effective communication skills also help in the overall personality development of a child. Communication assists individuals in expressing their thoughts, ideas, information, etc., confidently and convincingly so that the receiver understands the reason for communication and acts in the desired way. It also helps people carefully converse and interact with their family, friends, co-workers, etc. Effective communication ensures individuals use accurate pronunciation and body language, which help in honing a person’s personality. Developing a strong personality and exceptional communication skills would increase your child’s chances of getting into better schools, universities, and jobs. This is why online classes for kids are important to teach them the relevant skills linked to communication and speech development, which would pave the way for their path to success.

Thus, children need to become good communicators to excel in all walks of life.

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