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Box printing

Custom box printing gives your brand an edge that sets you apart from your competitors and makes you stand out in the eyes of customers.

Whether you admit it or not, we all have been at this point that our neighbors or friends are getting delivered a package and we cannot help but get attracted towards the box.

Customization of packaging has become a necessity for businesses to grow for this same reason. People see it, get attracted towards it, and ultimately want to buy it. The look and quality of the packaging of products determine a business’s chances of success. An attention-grabbing outlook and sturdy top-quality packaging mean a business is on the right path.

Box printing has become the choice of every renowned brand for various obvious reasons. However, it takes a lot of time and effort for brands to figure out the most suitable packaging. We have prepared a guide for you to help you opt for the most effective packaging techniques. But first, let’s go through some interesting stats to get excited about custom packaging.

  • A survey by Dotcom Distribution found out that more than 60% of people get excited about the product if the packaging is gift-like.
  • Over 40% of customers feel they will buy from a brand again if their packaging is premium.
  • Over 50% recommend a brand to others because of gift-like packaging.

It is now evident that packaging spikes the reach and image of your brand. Let’s dive into some of the most-needed tips to get the most out of custom printed packaging.

Embrace Your Packaging Needs

Before diving into design and shape details, first, find out what your brand wants to achieve. Whether you have an already established business or a start-up, packaging must be given proper time and concern.

Custom packaging is not like ordinary packaging. You need to communicate your brand’s voice and build its image in your customer’s mind through custom packaging. Ask yourself what kind of packaging you want to go for. Based on what are your products and what are your shipping channels, shortlist all the suitable options.

Analyzing the industry of your brand is also important. What others are doing holds significant importance in making decisions about packaging. However, going out of the budget is never a reasonable approach. In the long run, spending more than you can afford on packaging impacts the business negatively.

 Box printing

Design Your Box to Tell a Story

The digitalization era has transformed the way customers look at the packaging. Nowadays, the packaging is not only meant to pack the products, but it must have a story to tell. Custom packaging allows brands to connect with their customers on a deeper level.

Try to grab the attention of your customers and viewers by incorporating interesting stories in your packaging. Box printing is meant to serve a message. Flat lay photography, quirky images, and suitable quotes are some of the many ways to grab the attention of customers.

You can include some notes in the packaging to tell a story about the images you have used. The notes can also contain a story about how you put together the packaging etc. Try to be creative and unique.

Creativity is the essence of packaging and printing and it surely goes a long way. Brands that prefer out-of-the-box ideas and implement them cleverly have more potential of gaining customers’ attention.

Make it Unique and Eye-Catching

No matter how much money you spend on making your products better if their packaging isn’t unique, it’s not worth it. Customers vouch for brands that offer them premium packaging.

Do you think that people will be attracted to your products in ordinary packaging while another brand is offering them the same product in custom good-looking packaging? No. Cute, quirky, and fun things attract customers, not simple brown boxes.

Invest in packaging that is not only good-looking but also unique. Focus on what makes you different from others. With proper planning, you must go for something new that you believe will attract customers. Creative logos, quirky hashtags, fun-stylized social media handles make your box looks good.

You can also go for humorous designs like utilizing memes, emoji’s, etc. to make your package stand out. Box manufacturers who understand all these packaging techniques thoroughly must be your choice.

Make Inside of Box, Appealing

Custom packaging is not all about what’s outside of the box but also includes the inside. Several businesses have concluded that inclusions in a custom box get them more attention and appreciation.

Customers are spending money on buying your product, buy them by offering more than just

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